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Wood Car Freshener Starter Kit

WHAT IT IS: a non-toxic car freshener.

BEST FOR:ditching toxic scents and switching to a clean eco-friendly option. 

WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: meet wood, made to uproot your typical air freshener. we've combined sophisticated, functional design with real, designer grade scents. our wood freshener is made right here in the usa from sustainably sourced wood, and magnetized to fit perfectly on your visor with our metal clip.

WHAT IT DOES: soaked in our drift essential fragrance oil blends to deliver a great scent free of harmful chemicals. looks good, smells good, all good.



amber - golden moments after a fresh rain-storm, intimate candlelit dinners, new rituals for self-care. scent profile: fresh rain, lavender, amber, sage.

cabana - inspired by moments spent on warm sandy beaches, coconut beverage in hand, getting bathed in that salty sea breeze. scent profile: coconut, bergamot, cedarwood, sea salt.

grove - you're cruising down the pch. windows down, tunes up. this one is full of fresh mountain greens, crisp citrus, and good vibes. scent profile: mountain greens, sugared citrus.

mill - a scent as fresh as an early morning sauna session, long loved home projects, or a hike through the cedars. classic and simple, full of earthy wood and juniper. scent profile: balsam pine, juniper berry.

teak - kick back in that leather chair with your favorite read. hints of fresh tobacco leaf, teakwood and musk. this scent is what we call a power move. scent profile: musk, amber, pepper, teak, cedar.



attach metal clip to visor so the ledge faces down when closed. open one side of bag until scent dissipates and scent block doesn’t have any visible oil on surface. attach the scent block to the clip, it will magnetically snap in, make sure there is no overhang on either side of the clip. keep scent sealed in bag and out of the sun until ready for use. replace the scent block at minimum every 30 days. do not use on any other surface than the provided metal clip, contact with oils can damage some surfaces.


sustainably sourced wood, fragrance and essential oils. vegan, cruelty-free and pet-friendly with no parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, dea, mineral oil, petroleum, propylene or dichlorobenzene. all of the good, none of the bad.