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Casa Agave

Agave Woven Soap Bag

What It Is:Body soap bag

Why We Love It: Loose-woven, all-natural Agave fiber provides just the right amount of scrubbing on the body to gently exfoliate skin with this soap bag. This soft fiber woven bag is perfect for daily exfoliation of the body. Plus, the Agave Woven Soap Bag can help provide a longer life to soap by placing soap scraps into the bag for use.


Best Usage

Place soap bar or soap scraps in the bag, wet the bag and scrub the body with the bag in the shower. When finished exfoliating your skin, rinse bag lightly and hang in a place where it can dry fully between use. 


Product Note

As a natural material, Agave needs to remain dry between use to extend its life. Replace every 2-4 months or sanitize by emptying the bag, placing in the washing machine or top rack of the dishwasher, or dipping in vinegar or boiling water.