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Dental Floss

WHAT IT IS: natural whitening and minty fresh toothpaste bits.

BEST FOR: effectively cleaning the teeth and giving you fresh breath.

WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: bite into fresh breath with a one-month supply of these fresh mint toothpaste bits in a plastic-free glass bottle. bite was founded on the belief that a brighter smile doesn’t need to come at the expense of our bodies or the environment. our daily habits matter, and the small changes we make together can add up to something big.

WHAT IT DOES: cleans teeth effectively while being safe and fluoride free.


place one bit in your mouth, bite down, brush with a wet toothbrush. twice a day, every day.



calcium erythitol,xylitol,calcium carbonate, natural flavor(peppermint), hydroxyapatite,sodium bicarbonate,guar gum,sodium glutamate,zinc citrate,silica,menthol.

62 bits.