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Bohmey Beauty

Bohmey Candle - BFF 10 oz.

WHAT IT IS: a hand poured, coconut apricot wax candle.

BEST FOR: its ability to transform your house into a nostalgic sunday morning.

WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: if you are in search of the perfect galentines gift or just want to let someone know how special they are, here’s the perfect thing! this candle smells like yummy sweet fruits. notes: strawberry,lemon,raspberry,peach,violet, plum blossoms,musk, answer vanilla. this candle also has a crackling wood wick!

WHAT IT DOES: brings home-y vibes to any space.



trim wick down to 1/4 in. before every use. light for 2-3 hours to prevent candle tunneling.



coconut apricot wax & natural fragrance.

10 oz | 296 ml