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Earths Laundry

Fragrance Free Laundry Detergent Sheets

WHAT IT IS: a zero water laundry detergent.

BEST FOR: keeping the laundry process eco-friendly and as clean as ever.

WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: traditional laundry detergents are made from harmful chemicals, comes in huge plastic jugs and take up so much space. did you know that traditional liquids consist of 60-90% water? our detergent sheets are highly concentrated, therefore leaving a much smaller carbon footprint behind.

WHAT IT DOES: laundry sheets are the most convenient, eco-friendly, hassle free way to your laundry. it's the same powerful clean in a much smaller package. no need to worry about any toxic chemicals, our sheets are lightly scented and hypoallergenic. safe for you and for our environment. ready to make a difference?


remove sheet from the box. drop sheet in the washer. add clothes and start machine. 1 sheet for light loads, 2 sheets for average load, 3 sheets for heavy load (bedding & towels).


sodium dodecyl sulphate, polyvinyl alcohol, fatty alcohol polyglycol ether, glyceryl cocoate and deionized water.