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Mama Suds

Laundry Stain Stick

WHAT IT IS: a laundry stain stick.

BEST FOR: cleaning hard to remove spots on clothing and fabrics.

WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT:ingredients are important when cleaning. you want it to clean, but you don't want to expose yourself or your family to toxic fumes and endocrine disrupters. this spot-treating super-hero is here to keep your couches, clothes, and even upholstery stain- and toxin-free. a lot of cleaning power is packed into this little stick (that lasts forever!). our recipe is the same as our liquid soap, just converted to make a solid stick! 

WHAT IT DOES: a perfect start for anyone aspiring to a zero-waste lifestyle. entirely compostable, a zero waste, leave-no-trace item. thats one less item ending up in our landfills!    


simply wet the fabric and rub the stick on the stain and wash as usual.


saponified olive oil.