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Mahana Perfume Oil

WHAT IS IT: island scented roll-on perfume oil.

BEST FOR: for travel, your pocket, purse, even on your dresser.

WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT:mahana is pure warmth. liquid sunshine. notes of exotic vanilla bean caressed by sweet coconut. beach day bliss.

WHAT IT DOES: our sumptuous organic fragrances evoke the lush natural bounty of our island home – of spilling floral bouquets, cleansing sheets of rain, cool groves of deep foliage and sun-warmed sands. 



use roller ball bottles to apply the oil fragrance to areas you would normally apply fragrance to, most commonly, your “pulse points,” i.e. your wrists, collarbone and neck, as they allow you to project the sillage of the fragrance most effectively.

0.3 oz | 8.8 ml