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WHAT IT IS: a essential oil blend is your go-to for believing in yourself and manifesting your dreams.

BEST FOR: elevating your mood.

WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: litsea is the oil of manifestation, with an uplifting citrus scent, this essential oil supports your ideas' and allows you to trust in yourself to follow through. it gives you the confidence to release any fears and doubts and manifest your dreams. paired with patchouli (the oil of being present in your physical body) and ginger (the oil of abundance) these oils work together to support you to focus on your positive affirmation and manifest this into your life. don't be afraid to ask the universe what you want!

WHAT IT DOES: gives you peace of mind, adds an extra relaxing element to any bath routine.


apply to pressure points and breathe in while repeating your positive affirmation to the universe.


fractionated coconut oil, litsea, ginger, wild orange, frankincense, arborvitae, patchouli, clary sage essential oils.