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Stella & Sol

Paper(less) Towels

WHAT IT IS: sustainable washable paper(less) towels.

BEST FOR: switch to this eco friendly option to reduce waste.

WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: take a step toward a more eco-friendly life by replacing paper towels. these oxygen-bleachable, paperless towels will make cutting down your usage a no-brainer. easy to use, clean, and store, these 12” x 8” (30.5cm x 20.3cm) washable paper towels are the perfect replacement for disposables. roll them onto a reused paper towel tube and they’ll fit anywhere a conventional roll will. 

WHAT IT DOES: sewn with an overlock stitch with cotton thread to make sure your towels serve you for years to come, and no microplastics are sent into the watershed when you wash them.


these paperless towels don’t need any special treatment. wash them with your clothes, or however you wash your other towels. wash, dry, and roll back up for another round.


100% cotton flannel, this set of ten paperless towels.