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Ere Perez

All-Beauty Brush

WHAT IT IS: a small but mighty biodegradable all-beauty brush.

BEST FOR: its ability to blend in creams and powders.

WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: this petite brush is an all-round gem for color powders, highlighters and cream blushes. with a sleek tapered brush head to delicately collect color and deposit on cheeks & skin. amazing at blending, dabbing and contouring. this mini color brush is nifty and durable with vegan bristles and biodegradable corn resin handle. perfect for travel & your on-the-go beauty bag: just take one brush. takes care of all your beauty needs.

WHAT IT DOES: expertly colors, contours, and blends those hard to reach places.



pick up color pigments (whether cream or powder) easily by pressing the eco vegan all-beauty brush into the pot or palette. dab or brush color onto skin. buff and blend out for a natural finish. wash and dry well before next use.



corn resin, nylon bristles.