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By Rosie Jane

James Coconut Wax Candle

WHAT IT IS: a coconut wax candle with notes of fig, amber, and gardenia.

BEST FOR: its ability to give off a light floral scent that lasts all day.

WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: inspired by fall with rich notes of fig, amber, and gardenia.  james feels like standing on the porch during a rainstorm. cozy and earthy. our candles do not contain any paraffin or additives, just clean burning coconut wax + natural cotton wicks-oh, and your fav b/rj fragrance of course.

WHAT IT DOES: keeps your special space smelling oh so wonderful.



trim wick to ¼ inch, light, burn, enjoy. place candle on a flat surface. never leave burning candle unattended.



100% coconut wax + angie fragrance.

60 hours | 9 oz